“Tomarina” renders its clients the services of transportation of cargoes that requires special temperature regimes. Cargoes are carried from Spain, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Poland to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

Upon request, an option of multi-temperature transportation with even two different temperature modes. For instance -18 and +2 °C, can be offered.


Such method of transportation is offered for the carriage of flowers (the width of a trailer 2.49 m) or ADR (hazardous materials) with the need to maintain certain temperatures. During the transportation of perishable products, such as fruits, vegetables, berries, mushrooms, we offer to use the option of a special crew consisting of two drivers.

“Tomarina” is an experienced partner in the field of transportation of perishable goods. The company transports 250 tonnes of different perishable product from Italy to different countries each week.